A humorous and vibrant rendition of Chaucer’s best loved stories, including the Knight's Tale, the Wife of Bath's Tale, the Miller's Tale and more.

Relatively Speaking was the first of Sir Alan Ayckbourn’s plays to be a major hit in the West End.  It’s a delightful and funny tangle of deceit and misunderstanding with mistaken identity and motivation at its heart.

Two Sisters is set in a small Russian town in 1880 and centres around the life experiences of two sisters Sonia and Anya, both in their forties who have fallen on hard times and now live in spartan lodgings and relative poverty.

"Director Jill Gill should be commended for her ability to combine a varied age range of actors.....all three of the actors playing the central children's parts were strong and utterly convincing..."

Some Canterbury Tales Two Sisters Railway Children Relatively Speaking

A dysfunctional family on the verge of financial ruin facing huge social turmoil - by Anton Chekhov, set in Russia just before the revolution.

The Cherry Orchard

St. Alban's Players history with their production of Interior Designs, representing England at the British Final Festival on the 2nd of July 2016.

Interior Designs

Director Chris Morison, cast and crew produced a very popular production of Alan Ayckbourn's comedy Table Manners in May, 2014.

The original vision was for romance, a fairy tale and this has indeed grown into a true pantomime!

Sleeping Beauty

St Alban’s Players one act play festival competition entry.

We are entering the Bristol & Avon festivals!

Tom Cat

Leaving the fish factory behind, 4 ladies head to Royal Ascot and try their hand at the jackpot. A light hearted comedy.

Ladies' Day

Mention Nell Gwynn and most people think of Oranges! We know so little about the young girl who used to dress as a man  in an attempt to try to see more of London.

Nell Gwynn

The play follows a rape survivor who finds she is pregnant and must face difficult decisions under unnecessary pressures.

Someplace Warm

A comedy of manners, without the manners!

God of Carnage
Holding On
A Chorus of Disapproval
The Meadow